Internationale Ōgai-Studien

Nagashima, Yōichi
“Following the Traces of Ōgai’s Return to the Japan of Nostalgia – or the Japanization of the Western Novel and Beyond”, in: idem (ed.): Return to Japan from ‘Pilgrimage’ to the West, Aarhus: Aarhus University Press 2001: 54–81.

1. Introduction, 54–56.
2. An Overview of Ōgais’s Literary Production – a Japanizing Process of the Western Novel, 56–65.
3. Displacement, 65–69.
4. Japanization and Beyond: Shiden and Elimination of Western Elements, 69–75.
5. Instead of Conclusion, 75–78.
Notes, 79–80.
References, 80–81.