Internationale Ōgai-Studien

Abe Auestad, Reiko
“Ibsen’s Individualism in Japan: John Gabriel Borkman and Ōgai Mori’s Seinen (Youth, 1910)”, Ibsen Studies 6.1 (2006): 44–67.

The Critical Reception of Ibsen in Japan at the Turn of the Last Century, 44–48.
Seinen (Youth) and Ibsen’s Individualism, 48–49.
Roka Ōishi, the Naturalist Mentor, 50.
Fuseki’s Lecture at the Youth Club, 50–52.
Ibsen’s John Gabriel Borkman, 52–56.
Idealism vs. Realism, 56–57.
The Ideology of Love, 57–58.
The High Treason Trial, 58–59.
Ōmura’s Guidance: A Move Toward Public Ethics, 59–61.
Conclusion, 61–63.
Notes, 63–66.
References, 66–67.