Bibliography of Research

The vast field of Ōgai Studies in numerous languages testifies to the relevance of his life and works for a variety of academic projects. These pages provide information on international and Japanese research perspectives.

Most of the recorded materials are collected in the library of the Ōgai Center and visitors are welcome to use them.

International Ōgai Studies


These pages record academic publications on Ōgai’s life and works published in Western languages. The bibliographical data is arranged in alphabetical order.


This part examines the thematic repertoire of academic publications in European languages on Ōgai’s life and works. The bibliographical data is arranged by keywords.

Japanese Perspectives

Recent Publications

In this section recently published monographs and articles that appeared in Japanese-language academic periodicals are identified.


These pages identify essential resources among the large and continuously growing number of print publications and digital projects on Ogai’s life and works that appeared in Japanese language.