These pages document the work of Mori as one of the founding figures of modern Japanese literature, but also as translator, medical researcher, and a scholar whose interests bridged various fields of knowledge. The information is structured in three separate pages.

The introduced publications are mostly collected in the library of the Ogai Center in Berlin and visitors are wellcome to use them. Open access publications are linked directly.

This page records Mori’s publications - appearing between 1881 and 1922 - in chronological order (work in progress). Eventually, republications and posthumous publications will also be included. The bibliographic data are recorded following the Japanese original and transcribed. In addition, translations of the titles are offered.

These pages examine the project of translating Mori’s works into European languages, which began as early as 1894 and continues to the present day. Both translations published independently and those published in journals and anthologies are included. The original Japanese publications are documented and the bibliographic data of the translations are given.

This part examines the volume and the variety of Moris activities as a translator and mediator of Western literature and thought. The alphabetical list identifies authors whose writings Mori translated, usually via German-language editions. The names are followed by information on the original texts and the first publication of the translations.