Internationale Ōgai-Studien

Kono Shion
Literary Reactions to the Cult of Facts in Mori Ōgai and Virginia Woolf, Ph.D. thesis, Princeton University, 2003. Unpublished typescript. 218p.

Abstract, iii–iv.
Acknowledgements, v.
Introduction: Comparing Unconventionality, 1–17.
Chapter One: Authority of Amateur Historiography in Nineteenth-Century Britain and Japan, 18–75.
Chapter Two: Poetics of Literal Truth and Historiography of Fact: Ōgai and Woolf’s Uses of Literary Arguments in Essays on Historiography, 76–120.
Chapter Three: Self-Commentary in Mori Ōgai’s Historical Fiction and Shiden and the Rhetoric of Annotation in Modern Japan, 121–169.
Chapter Four: Woolf’s Imaginative Responses to the Discipline of Documentation in The Common Reader, the First Series (1925), 170–206.
Conclusions, 207–209.
Bibliography, 210–18.