Internationale Ōgai-Studien

Hiraishi Naoaki
“E. Kaempfer’s Treatise on Japan’s Policy of Seclusion and Its Influence on Japan’s Decision to Open the Country: Some Reflections Concerning Mori Ōgai’s Historical Novel”, Japonica Humboldtiana 3 (1999): 167–81.

Introduction, 167.
A Historical Novel Titled by Tsuge Shirōzaemon, 168–69.
Kaempfer’s Treatise on Japan’s Seclusion Policy, 169–70.
Shizuki’s Translation and Its Historical Background, 170–73.
The Logic of Sakokuron and Its Influence, 173–75.
The Influence of the Sakokuron in the End of the Tokugawa Period, 175–76.
The History of Japan as a Standard for the Study of Japan in the West, 176–77.
Sakokuron and Its Original Texts: A Common Base for Argument, 177–79.
Harris’s Speech and the Japanese Response, 179–81.