Internationale Ōgai-Studien

Yoshino Toshihiko
“Pioneers: Mori Ogai – Pioneer of Modern Japanese Literature”, Journal of Japanese Trade and Industry 22.1 (January–February 2003): 51–55.

The Two-headed Lion – Mori Ogai, 51.
Mastery of German at an Early Age, 51.
Commission as an Army Doctor and Study in Germany, 51–52.
Studying Hygiene and Observing the Hygiene System of the Prussian Army, 52.
Absorbing Western Literature, Philosophy and Social Thought – Maihime and Doitsu Nikki, 52–53.
Career as a Military Physician After Return to Japan, 53.
Promotion to the Highest Rank for a Doctor in the Army – Contrasts with Soseki, 53–54.
Translations of Western Literature in a Period of Abundant Harvest, 54–55.
Attaining Lifelong Position, 55.
The Mori Ogai Memorial in Berlin, 55.