Internationale Ōgai-Studien

Sakaki, Atsuko
“Thinking Beauty, Unseeing Scholar: Displaced Narrative Authority in Mori Ōgai’s Gan”, Recontextualizing Texts: Narrative Performance in Modern Japanese Fiction, Cambridge, Mass.; London: Harvard University Asia Center, Harvard University Press 1999 (Harvard East Asian Monographs 180): 139–80.

Reading Gan Through Genette, 139–43.
The Authorial Gesture of the Narrator, 143–46.
Polyphonic Narrative and Authorial Control, 146–50.
Dissolution of Male Comradeship, 150–57.
Telling in Order to Erase: Narrative Manipulation, 157–64.
The Invisible / Silent Woman and the Man Without Eyes or Ears, 164–80.