Internationale Ōgai-Studien

Dilworth, David
“The Significance of Ōgai’s Historical Literature”, in: The Historical Literature of Mori Ōgai. Volume 2: Saiki Kōi and Other Stories. Edited by David Dilworth and J. Thomas Rimer. Additional contributions by Richard Bowring, Darcy Murray, Edmund R. Skrzypczak, Honolulu: University of Hawai‘i Press 1977: 1–31. Reprint in one volume 1997: 12–42.

The Significance of Ōgai’s Historical Literature, 12–42.
Ōgai’s Double Career, 17–25.
Basic Themes of Ōgai’s Pre-1912 Stories, 25–33.
The Spiritual Naturalism of Ōgai’s Historical Literature, 33–42.