International Ōgai Studies

Fessler, Susanne
“The Debate on the Uselessness of Western Studies”, The Journal of Japanese Studies 37.1 (Winter 2011): 61–90.

Scholarly Debates at the Turn of the Century, 63–66.
The Specific Exchange between Chōfū and Ōgai, 66–68.
Germany for Chōfū: A Religious Land, 68–74.
Germany for Ōgai: A Scientific Land, 74–75.
Chōfū’s Rejection of Science, 75–77.
Chōfū on the Arts and Aesthetics, 77–82.
Religion as a Pillar of Civilization, 82–85.
What the West Had to Offer Japan and the Japanese, 86–90.
Conclusion, 90.